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Terms and Conditions

*Booking Reservation*
• Our reservation center is open Monday to Sunday 7am-11pm.
• Reservation can be made by email, text message, voice mail, or on the
• Reservation by email, text message or voice mail is not complete unless you receive a confirmation number.
*Reservation Details*
(1) Transportation details must be signed off by the individual paying for services.
(2) Contact person must be provided for each pick up location.
(3) Credit card form must be filled out in full.
(4) A nonrefundable 20% deposit is required to hold your reservation for all vehicles over 14 passengers.
(5) The balance must be paid in full 1 week prior to the date of the event.
(6) Payment types acceptable:  online by providing your email address. Cash paid to driver. Checks: Please make checks payable to 411 Mundy Lane Mount Vernon NY 10550. Check payment option only available if you have an account with us.
*Tax applied to non-cash payment is 8.375% .There will be a 3% additional charge applied to charges over $299.*

*Service Responsibilities*
• Black Tie Luxury Car Service Inc. Is committed to delivering quality on time service with professional and curious drivers. 
• Black Tie Luxury Car Service Inc. reserves the right to use a preferred vendor if our vehicles are not available.
• Black Tie Luxury Car Service Inc. is not liable for circumstances beyond its control including weather, road conditions and breakdowns.   We assure prompt response and replacement vehicle at no additional charges. The replacement vehicle will be of similar value and features.
• Black Tie Luxury Car Service Inc. assumes no responsibility for either lost or damaged articles left in or nearby the vehicle(s) belonging to the client/passenger. If our drivers do find any articles left behind, it will be brought to our office.
• Black Tie Luxury Car Service Inc. reserves the right to add up to an additional $200 fee for any cleaning needed or damage to a vehicle(s) as a result of spillage, soiling and/or for any passenger getting sick in the vehicle.



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